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Name:Body Type: "A" Frame or "Pear"

"A" frames (or Pears) have a smaller torso and a larger bottom. Men love Pears because these women usually have a short waist and legs for days. However, with larger legs and voluptuous hips, you have to be extra careful about what you wear so you don't draw more attention downward.

Overall goal: Draw attention to your upper body.


  • For pants, wear dark colors, low-cut with a straight leg. All of this will slim your lower body.

  • Try sparkle tops or tops with prints that will draw attention upward and downplay your bottom half.

  • Wide belts around the waist, not the hips, will also draw interest higher.

  • Empire waist dresses will show off your top and flow over wide hips, also focusing attention on your neck, shoulders and arms.

  • For especially narrow shoulders, pair items with small, curved shoulder pads (rather than square ones).

  • Experiment with lighter colors on top, darker colors on bottom to draw the eye upward.


  • Avoid fuller skirts which will only emphasize your lower half.

  • Never wear jackets that end at your rear, since this will only call attention to your bottom. A better option is a jacket that ends at the waist or extends below the rear.

  • Stay away from tops that reveal too much skin. This will overemphasize your unbalanced top half.

  • Avoid corduroy and other thicker fabrics if you are self-conscious about your hips.

  • Avoid bottoms with large pockets that will only emphasize your behind.

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