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Name:SUSANIN'S Auctions
Hours:Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
Location:900 S. Clinton St.
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 832-9800
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SUSANIN'S, an internationally recognized organization, is one of Chicago's premiere auction houses and home to some of the city's best auction-related events.

Click here for SUSANIN'S events and auctions.

Owner Sean Susanin says that Chicago is the second largest art and antique consuming market in the country. As such, he delivers shows that meet and exceed high expectations, and promise credibility, quality and enjoyment by all in attendance.

SUSANIN'S produces at least 15 antique and fine art auctions each year and plans 6 different shows:

  • Art & Antiques
  • Home & Garden
  • City Living & Design
  • Contemporary Art & Photography
  • Asian & Tribal Art
  • Jewelry & Fine Gifts

    Whether you're looking for something historic and stunning such as an 18th century typewriter with two-row curved keyboard, or whether you prefer something more artistically oriented such as a 20th century oil painting of a bullfighter, SUSANIN'S offers a wide range of items to choose from.

    For added convenience, SUSANIN'S is set up to allow online bidding, complete with the item's pictures, condition and origins right on your computer screen.

    Learn more about SUSANIN'S Auctions and Discovery Days Expert Appraisals (free).

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